Sunday, November 25, 2012

Star Raiders

Knocked out a few more of the Darkest Star Games miniatures for my Sci-Fi gaming.  These are Star Raiders that will on occasion hassle my colony or corporate facilities near the colony.

These painted up really quick.  I kind of like the retro look of these miniatures.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kudos, Time off and a little Sci-Fi

Well, a little "behind the ball" so to speak here since I've been out of town on Thanksgiving vacation, BUT I'd like to give a special thank you to the Excellent Mr. Phil at Association - Les Riflemen for nominating me for a Liebster award!  Thank you sir!  Part of the spirit of the award is to pass it on to other blogs with 200 or fewer members.  Well, since I'm so late getting around to this now every time I find one I'd like to nominate they've already been nominated!  Agh! 

Keeping in the spirit of the award though, I do have one site I would like to point you to.  Not just because he's gotten to be one of my internet buddies but I also find his work inspiring.  Mr. Peabody and I got to know each other through Vietnam era gaming and especially since both of us were playtesters for FNG2.  He's good guy and also the first person who gave me the "bug" to try 15mm Sci-Fi.  SO, please take a moment to browse the fine work of Peabody Here!

Speaking of 15mm Sci-Fi!  Thanks to folks like Mr. Peabody, The Angry Lurker, and my buddy Darby I've decided to give this 15mm Sci-Fi stuff a try.  I'll be using Two Hour Wargames 5150 rules.  Here's the first of my mini's from Darkest Star Miniatures.  The Zonii!

This guys were fun to paint.  I'm thinking I'll order some more of the foot troops to give me a few more of them to have roaming bands of warriors.

AND lastly, if you're still reading (do I hear snoring??) I spent my Thanksgiving holiday down in San Antonio.  Yes, that place that has the Alamo.  This time though I didn't go to the Alamo, but visited the OTHER 4 missions in San Antonio.  They were really neat because a couple of them are more intact than the Alamo.  It's really amazing to see the architecture from so long ago (well, 250 years is 'long ago' to us folks in North America).  I'll try to post some pictures for your viewing later this week.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Hessians are coming!

After buying the 54mm troops this past weekend, I couldn't resist starting one of the units.  Technically I was going to make this a project to complete NEXT year, but that doesn't mean I can't dabble now right??  Oh yeah, I do have other stuff to finish still.   BUT, as pretty much anyone reading this is a wargamer you probably know how easily we get distracted by other "shiney" projects.  SO, having said all that I had to try one and see how the 54mm painting goes... and I must say it's fun!  Only thing I think I'd do different is use a lighter primer, this guy turned out a bit dark, but I'll still prime the rest of the unit black so they match.  Future 54's I'm considering a gray primer.

Here's my first skirmisher.  Reading up on the Hesse-Kassel Jagers I learned I have some flexibility in their uniforms so I picked them as a good unit to start with for painting.  Besides, the green will add some variety to my battlefield.  I do like color for these older genre battles!

When I finish the rest of the unit I'll do the group shot.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MilleniumCon 15

Well, not much painting for me this past week.  But I have gotten a shedload of gaming in!  MilleniumCon is put on by the LSHM (Lone Star Historical Miniatures).  They have chapters all over Texas, in which I belong to the Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) chapter.  It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive for me to get down to Austin, but it wasn't so bad because I had my buddy Darby along to do all the talking to pass the time.  And believe me folks he can do it!

So, I did end up helping him out and sat at his Darkest Star Miniature booth during several gaming blocks.  Which was kind of fun in itself and I got to know some of the other vendors.  The Eureka Miniatures guy for the US was there and we found a common interest in gaming (of course!) and Barclay's Premier League.  He's a Liverpool (although he was walking alone at that moment) and I'm a Spurs fan.  Anyway, I got an interesting insight into the Eureka operation.  Very interesting folks those crazy Aussies.  Another vendor was Ken Cliffe of All The Kings Men.  More on him later.

As for games, I got to play a NW Frontier game using "The Sword & The Flame" rules.  Nice game even if we failed to beat those Brits!

 Also, I got to play a pre-historic game called In the Valley of Og which used the "Lost Lands" rules from Two Hour Wargames.  My poor caveman spent most of the evening fending off raptors so the other cavemen could escape with the cavewomen to safety (yes, they were the objective).

 Oh, and did I forget to mention that the players playing the cavemen were only allow to use the word list below??  Good fun...

 I spent most of it yelling "Me Bang Big Thing!" while fighting the dinosaurs in all my hairy naked glory.  The miniature that is...

 And then I got to play a couple of games of American War of Independence in 54mm.  Yes, I said 54mm and loved it.

So, what loot did I walk away with??
1 5150 New Beginnings book
1 Eureka Miniatures Camera Crew (soon to be an Event in Mexican Revolution games)
1 All The Kings Men rule book
2 Armies of 54mm American and British troops for the AWI (and some Hessian Jagers too!)

Yes, I may have a new love.  I really like the look of the 54mm figures.  I mean I won't be doing them in all stuff but for AWI I'm in.  The rules for the game are really simple and elegant, but have a surprising debt of tactical flexibility.  If you're one of those people who like the simulation games, your head will probably explode.  This game isn't for you.  BUT, if you like a game that involves moving lots of figures while being able to reach a believable finish in less than two hours.  Yeah!  Plus moving around the large figures sent me back to my childhood days... If this catches your fancy at all take a look at.

Oh, I do apologize for going to a convention and forgetting to take more pictures.


P.S.  Over 5,500 views now.  THANKS to all you kind folks for occasionally swinging by and checking out my little parking spot in the giant blogosphere.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Road to Torreon (T&T AAR)

On March 16, 1914 Pancho Villa and his Division del Norte began the march towards Torreon, the next step towards the capital of Mexico City.  Leading his advance are troops from the Zaragosa Brigade.  A small troop under the leadership of Lt. Primativo Ortega (me!) is assigned the task of following the railroad looking for Federal traps and ambushes.  A small village comes into view and it's defended by several Federal squads.  Unknown to him, these troops are experienced Federal troops and not the usual conscripted riff-raff.  These soldiers are under the leadership of Lt. Juan Hernandez (my cousin David).

Huerta Federales:
Lt. Hernandez (Hero) (Preacher: +1 morale)
1st Infantry Squad (7 Veteran troops)
2nd Infantry Squad (7 Veteran troops)
MG Team (5 Trained troops + Sgt. Avila (Leader))

Division del Norte:
Lt. Primativo Ortega (Hero) (Stealthy: requires check to shoot him when he's not in a unit)
1st Villista Squad (8 Trained troops + Sgt. Fuentez (Leader))
2nd Villista Squad (8 Trained troops + Sgt. Garcia (Leader))
Peon Squad (11 Raw troops)

The Sleepy Village... with armed angry men.

The Federale MG position.

1st Squad of Federales

2nd Squad of Federales

The Rebel Troops
 Knowing the Federal troops are already aware of their approach they drop all pretense of stealth and yell "Viva Villa!" and move at the double.  The MG starts up first and then the rifles as the Villistas come into range.  Lt. Ortega has to rally the poor peons after their first casualties from the MG fire.  Raw troops are not the best to send into withering MG fire Ortega soon learns.  Too late to change plans now, he's rallies them onward with a yell of "Follow me!"  The distance has closed and more rifle fire is exchanged.  Both sides begin to thin a little at a time.
1st Squad of Villistas is almost gone.
The Peons use a hill for cover.
Suddenly the 1st Squad of Villistas (all 3 of them now) have had enough and make a panicked run for the rear.  Sensing an opportunity to seize the advantage Lt. Hernandez sends out his 2nd squad in hopes of routing the rebels.  At that same point, Lt. Ortega has had the same idea and attempts to charge the peons against the MG position.

The Peons charge... and stall.
The last 3 members of the 2nd Villista Squad are good sprinters!

Federales leave the hasty defensive position and move to flank the remaining Villistas!
Ortega shows why he got his promotion to lieutenant.  He splits from the peons and finishes the charge by himself shooting one Federale dead and wounding their leader (and staying out of the MG's firing arch!).

They will make me a captain for this!
 Without the encouragement of a leader and sustaining harsh casualties after stalling in front of the MG the peons run away.
Let's get back to camp and find some tortillas!
Meanwhile the other Villista squad is flanked and charge by the Federales.

Hey!  Those bayonets hurt!
Meanwhile, the brave Lt. Ortega has been dancing around the MG position making the MG ineffective and picking off the other troops.  It is indeed the stuff of heroes, but having a second wound and an army fleeing the field he decides to leave the field himself.

I will be back and with more men!!
 The Federales can't resist the urge to fire pot-shots at the fleeing units.'s President again?

And there you have it.  Gotta say it was a really fun game and only took us a couple of hours.  Some of which was me thumbing through the rules trying to figure stuff out.  David enjoyed the rules so I was glad to get a second opinion on them.  Gotta say that I really enjoy Triumph & Tragedy for quick and fun games.